Frequently asked question #1 - How do I Take of of this?

For my leather pieces check out Skidmores. Yep, they are amazing and I LOVE their products!!!

For the suede pieces - you just can’t go wrong with this article. And nope thats not me in that get up. But I kinda do wish I had some boots like those…

Frequently asked question #2 - Who the Heck are you?

I’m Jenny - Nice to meet you :) Here is A little about me and Rivet leatherworks

I grew up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania, spent evenings and weekends saddling horses, cleaning tack (not as often as I should have) and riding the hills of our family farm. I spent many hours in our barn, we had a little playhouse on the second floor of our pony shed, we rode many adventures on our wooden horses and as I grew older I would ride with my siblings across our fields and I grew to love my the smell of the horses, the tack and most of all the life I had in that pony shed. I still ride the countryside accompanied with my husband and friends. You’ll often see us rounding the bend and crossing the field to rest at our favorite watering hole.

Rivet Leatherworks is an amazing ride along my journey, taking my past and forging my future. I am inspired by how a piece of leather lays on the table (the edge on the Maggie bag) or a new piece is created around an object (the Emily bag was designed around my John Steinbeck book - East of Eden). I will see a ring on a saddle or a clip on my horses halter and suddenly I am designing a bag with it. I like simple, classic, a bit edgy designs but they must be practical and comfortable to hold, carry and use.

Before I was sitting behind the leather table I always made it a priority to shop authentic locally made food and goods. I love meeting the makers, the farmers and the amazing artists. The care in their work, the great stories, the unique piece I purchase and make a part of my home and my life.

I don’t create 50 bags all the same, they are as individual as the person who picks them up. Leather is that way and I love it! My passion is to meet you, hear your story and if it all works out have a part of my craft go home with you. Thanks for listening and come on over - can’t wait to meet you!